Monday January 4/10

Welcome back! I can’t believe it’s 2010!

Well we don’t have much time left in this semester, so let’s cut to the chase:

I’d like to start by taking a quick look at some of your blog posts. They’re looking pretty good and I can see that many of you were busy working on them over the holidays.

When you left for Christmas holidays we had finished Act 3 and taken up the discussion questions from that act. We will begin by reviewing that information

Next we will read Act 4 scene 1.

When wer are finished this act you will blog about it. Here is a suggestion: imagine that Othello and Desdemona are on a reality TV show to help newlyweds. What would the counsellor say to them and how would they respond?

The following people will be presenting their memorized passages tomorrow:






Alex F

Friday December 18/09

Today’s modified schedule:

PERIOD 1 8:25 – 9:05

PERIOD 2 9:10 – 9:50

PERIOD 3 9:55 – 10:35

PERIOD 4 10:40 – 11:20

LUNCH 11:30 – 1:00 (Estimated) Followed by the Assembly @ ~ 1:10

We will take up the discussion questions from yesterday and whatever time we have left you can use for blogging. There are a couple of you who haven’t signed up for a day to present your memory work. Please do so now.

Thursday December 17/09

1) I need you to sign up for your memory work piece before Christmas holidays. Decide what passage you want to do, then line up and tell me along with what day you want to go on.

2) We will watch Act 3. As you watch, follow along in your text and make note of the changes made for the film version. What got cut?

3) Act 3 discussion questions (If you’re absent these will be posted later today on edmodo).

Wednesday December 16/09

Today we are going to start with a quick quiz to make sure you did your homework which was to finish reading Act 3 scene 3.

Then we will go down to the library for 20 minutes to check out the co-op career fair. There is a question sheet for you to fill out as you walk around.

When you get back you will have the rest of the period to work on your blog posts.

Monday December 14/09

Today’s agenda:
1) Spotting test. Please arrange yourselves so there is at least one space between each of you. You will need a piece of paper and a pen.
2) Read Act 3 scenes 1 and
3) We will take a few moments to talk about the blog posts and then you will have the rest of the period to work on them.

Friday December 11/09

Thanks for being such a great class yesterday. Mr. Ball was really impressed by how well you read!

Today’s Agenda:

1) Take up discussion questions.

2) Practice answering a spotting question. Here’s the quotation:

I will a round unvarnished tale deliver
Of my whole course of love; what drugs, what charms,
What conjuration and what mighty magic,
For such proceeding I am charged withal,
I won his daughter.

For a spotting question, you must identify the speaker, the context, and the significance in terms of plot, characterization, and or theme. This is the type of question you will have on the spotting test on Monday.

3) Memorization: You will be asked to memorize a passage from the play and present it after the break. Start practicing now! I will give you a handout on tips for memorization and you can sign up for a day to present.

3) Finally, we will watch as much of Act 2 as we can.

Homework: blog posts, and memorization.

Thursday December 10/09

Today’s agenda:

1) Read Act 2 Scene 3.

2) Answer the discussion questions for Act 2. I have posted them on edmodo but there are some paper copies available if you prefer. Just ask. These should be finished by the start of class tomorrow.

3) If you have time left, work on your blog posts.